Welcome to This Exploration into Your Authentic Self



Nita Bryant is a Transformational Agent. As a leader and teacher she will assist you in finding your way home into yourself. The place where you reside at your core. Perhaps you have forgotten what it is like to feel empowered, safe and comfortable in your own skin. Nita uses her skill of listening to what you are saying and what lies beneath the words to help you unpack the blocks and resistant to landing fully in your life!



Every thing comes down to feeling safe. Through her many years of life experience Nita has come to feel safe in her body, in her life and with others. She has an ability to offer you access to your own inner knowing, to the place within you that holds security, self love, confidence and being your own authority. She calls this true "Homeland Security". 

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Nita offers single sessions or a series of sessions to allow you to explore your inner landscape. Give your self the gift of guidance and assistance by spending time with Nita exploring the thoughts and patterns the keep you from standing in your full potential.

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