Welcome to This Exploration into Your Authentic Self


Nita Bryant is an Agent of Transformation. As a leader and teacher she will assist you in finding your way home into yourself. The place where you reside at your core. Perhaps you have forgotten what it is like to feel empowered, safe and comfortable in your own skin. Nita uses her skill of listening to what you are saying and what lies beneath the words to help you unpack the blocks and resistance to landing fully in your life!


Nita works with individuals who are seeking change, breaking patterns, or simply assistance looking at their life with a fresh perspective. Her non-judgemental approach, sharp mind, and sense of humor put her clients at ease. Clients often leave sessions with self-acceptance around their life, and tools to face their perceived "problems". 


Nita offers single sessions or a series of sessions to allow you to explore your inner landscape. Give your self the gift of guidance and assistance by spending time with Nita exploring the thoughts and patterns that keep you from standing in your full potential.


1210 SE Oak Street Portland, Oregon 97214


Sessions: Phone, Skype or in Person

30 minute sessions $75

45 minute sessions: $100 single session

 6 week series $550/ 45 minute sessions

60 minute session: $125

90 minute session: $225 (contact Nita to Book a 90 minute session)

75 minute couples session: $175

Please email me if you can't find an opening on my online schedule.

A limited number of sliding-scale slots are available for those in need of a reduction in cost.

I am available in person on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday phone or skype.

Group experiences

Nita is available to work in groups teaching ways to be more effective. She focuses on helping each person find their own boundaries and how to bring into the group their greatest gifts.

Speaking Engagements

As a dynamic and welcoming presence Nita brings engaging material to your event. She brings wisdom and humor. Nita has the ability to command a room and get people involved.

 Professional Advising and Coaching

Nita can help you cultivate and maneuver with discernment in the professional and academic arena. Helping you choose the most effective way to use your time and expertise. Giving you tools to navigate challenges and land your goals. Check in about projects that come your way. Define what you want to accomplish with your time and focus.

In person or phone appointments available.


I love the work I get to do and would love to share that with you.

Tools for These Times

  • A class on how to become more aware of your own energy. What belongs to you and what have you taken on from others.

  • Explore what it is like to manage your own energy and stop trying to manage other peoples energy.

  • Learn to be grounded and centered in your body in present time. This sounds great, yet is often a mystery on how to get there.

This class gives you some basic skills and practical tools to use in your daily life.

A 8 week series meeting in Portland, Oregon

Tuesday Evening Classes: 6:15 to 8 pm  $425

September 17th thru November 5th

$425 materials included

Contact Nita to reserve your spot

Small class of up to 12 participants

Self empowerment instead of self improvement.


Going Deeper with the Tools

  • Would you like to find ways to support your emotional and mental health?

  • Curious how your familial beliefs effects your identity?

  • Do you have back pain, addictions, depression, digestion issues?

  • Would you like to explore your security and feeling at home in life?

  • Are you having difficulty in relationships, with money or your creativity?

  • Are there recurring emotional patterns that keep showing up in your life?

  • Do you experience a lack of confidence and low self esteem?

  • Wish you had better boundaries?

Join me on this 12 week adventure as we explore the tools together in a deeper way.

January 2020 dates TBA

 6:15-8:00 pm


Tools for These Times is a prerequisite for this course. 

Contact Nita to reserve your spot! Limited to 5 people.


Landing into your Life.

Every thing comes down to feeling safe. Through her many years of life experience Nita has come to feel safe in her body, in her life and with others. She has an ability to offer you access to your own inner knowing, to the place within you that holds security, self love, confidence and being your own authority. She calls this true "Homeland Security". 

Transformational Agent

Nita Bryant



Contact Nita


Nita is available for in-person, phone, or skype sessions. She offers ten minute phone consultations with new clients prior to scheduling your first session.

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